How Do I Resolve Directv Error Code 775,721,771,5,2 & 781

How Do I Resolve Directv Error Code 775,721,771,5,2 & 781


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Direct TV, an American broadcast satellite dish that works on dual LNB. At a glance, all TV service providers may perplex you with the same kind of packages and services. Due to deep research on the subject would propel your desires to get one Direct TV for you. This service provides hundreds of channels to its users and best satellite transmissions. Suddenly you face Directv Error Code 775, 721, 771, 781, 5 and 2 then deal us with toll free support.

How Do I Solve Directv Error Code 775, 721 and 771

directv error 755,2

Direct TV has in numerous and incomparable advantages that only an end user gets to know. Direct TV has acquired America’s no.1 satellite TV service slot in real time. This service has already broken the record of Dish and cable TV in terms of value and prepositions. The advantages are multiple and packages could be tailor-made. As a Direct TV user, you are imminent to receive surplus services that no other similar setup provides.

Here on this write up further we shall take you to the troubleshooting ways of Direct TV. There are some error codes that have hidden messages for you, that is easy to decode and resolve the situation on your own. Let us discuss the Directv Error Code 775 here in detail.

Symptoms of Directv Error Code 775

1) The screen becomes blank or program halts

2) Error Message appears saying the dish is not communicating with the receiver

Causes and Solutions of Directv Error Code 775

1) Disconnected Power Inserter

On your Direct TV, there is a rectangular black box that has a green light on it that produces a charge that helps to drive the satellite signal to the primary receiver. In case this is unplugged or have wiggling connection you may have issues with the screen otherwise make sure you have deal on Directv support phone number.



Just you may need to reinsert the Power adapter. If you see there is no green light even after adjusting the cord, you may need to change the power inserter with a new one. Make sure you should read our blog for Error Code 775.

2) Alignment of the Dish is out

In case of faulty installation, the alignment of the dish may become out. It may cause Error code 755 and other problems.



You need to be careful with the installation of the Direct TV; it should be deep enough in the pillar of consolidated concrete to avoid alignment issues. A wall mounted or roof hanged dish TVs get this issue very easily. There are higher chances of swinging the dish and getting misaligned.

3) Damaged Wire

In case you have been using an old wire that may develop cracks due to the exposure to heat and rain, you may face errors and issues.


You must change the wire and make sure it is of sound quality that connects dish and the receiver. There are the instances where rodents nibble the wires and old ones create the issues.

4) Receiver is damaged

Due to an internal failure of some component or surge in electronic component receivers may get damaged in Direct TV that causes all troubles ahead.


You may get in touch with the consumer support to order or replace the faulty receiver. This is a very normal and common situation as receivers if dropped accidentally or external factors get damaged and cause Directv Error Code 775 in Direct TV. This hampers the receiver to render the satellite signals. Replacement gets you going once again.How to resolve Directv Error Code 721 Again there are certain causes that might get you in trouble and cause Error 721.of the Direct TV

Symptoms of Directv Error Code 721

1) The channel showing problems

2) The receiver is not processing the information

Troubleshooting Directv Error Code 721

1) Refresh your Direct TV Service

This is just a simple refresh technique that may get you through the Error code 721 or you may consider switching off the setup and restarting.

2)  Check your channel lineup as here

  • Login to your DIRECTV online account.
  • Go to My Overview page.
  • Here Click on Print Channel Lineup.
  • Click on Change Package to the option easily upgrade your package. (If the channel you are trying to watch is not included).


3) Opt to reset the receiver

  • Firstly unplug the power cord
  • Wait for some time minimum 15 seconds
  • Now Press the Power button
  • The receiver would reboot.
  • or you can go to My Equipment
  • Here you can opt to refresh your receiver.

These are the small stitches on time that saves nine. We may further discuss Error code 722 that can also be solved at your own as here-

How to solve Directv Error Code 721 on Direct TV

There are some other connections related errors like one is 722 that mean there is no signal from the receiver. The reasons could be many as stated above; though let us see general causes and troubleshooting as here-

Error 721

Causes for Error code 722

1) Receiver not connected

There are many situations where the receiver may be loosely connected or have a faulty hardware that causes the Error code 722 and other issues.

2) Signal weak or intermittent

This is again caused by wiggling connections or a faulty receiver. At times bad weather conditions also cause this issue.

Error 722.

3) Server Down

In the situation, if there is some technical update going on, there might be some hitches with the server. That further causes Error 722.

General Troubleshooting for Error 722

  • You can go to the and log into your account here that should help you to get at par with the hitches with guided instructions.

  • or you can call the experts and give them your receiver ID that is provided on the screen of your TV. Hence you would be helped with the authorization details to tackle the situation.
  • Also, don’t forget to check the receiver and wiring as mentioned already because these small apprehensive reasons cause a lot of trouble in setups that are completely workable on the connection and wiring things.

Consumer Support-Direct TV

These are the most common reasons and workable solutions.  In contrast of a technical fault that may need rather assistance, you may get in touch with Consumer Support at the Direct TV.

Support-Direct TV

A service call has taken care by professionals would get you at par with all errors and faulty hardware cases. you should also check for various Directv Error Code 771, Directv Error Code 781, Directv Error Code 5 and Directv Error Code 2.

Official Website:

 In many of the situations, it has been found that even a child playing around disconnected something and much hype was created. You can check all connections beforehand to avoid a lot of time and energy.

Note: How To Call On Directv Customer Service Phone Number??

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