How To Fix Error Code 5505 On Amazon Fire Stick And Prime

How To Fix Error Code 5505 On Amazon Fire Stick And Prime


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Today when you are using your Amazon device then suddenly facing Amazon Prime Video error code 5505. Various things are available in the market with a compact version of a set-top box. The streaming media People have been excellent devices when It Has to Do with Earning Your home amusement pleasure. This we are speaking of fresh technologies by Amazon in streaming universe Named Amazon fire stick. You need to check also for error code 5505 on amazon fire stick and prime. This device has made streaming of your favorite shows much easier in a most compact pen drive like hardware device.

Error Code 5505 for Amazon Fire Stick And Prime

Even a little and compact invention in Amazon has really taken the entire world. Amazon hearth television rod could perform everything which you expect in the great streaming network participant. It links to the USB interface of one’s HD-TV very fast to start an enjoyable and enjoyable planet of streaming showcasing into your residence. How Do I Solve Amazon Error Code 5505?

There are many channels and massive online content that comes with Amazon Fire TV Stick when you connect it with an internet connection. You can enjoy the latest or classic movies at any time of the day. Not only has this you have a wide array of entertainment means like music, photos, downloaded and games etc.

The more exciting part of this device is that it cuts all your cords and is easily transportable. That means you can carry it with anywhere and plug into an HDTV with an accessible internet connection, you can enjoy streaming anywhere.

Make Sure For Details about Prime Video Error Code 5505

Even the remarkable Alexa television remote will create this pleasure more attractive to become navigable as a result of voice control home all of your articles. The further you possess the longer you purchase; this we suggest being Amazon primary manhood you receive far more superior features such as to decide on out of Amazon Originals.

Now in next few minutes write up we are going to provide you a complete guide on how to tackle the Error 5505 in Amazon Fire TV Stick easily at your own. Amazon Error Code 9074 is also a very common issue related to steaming problems. There are several reasons that can give rise to this problem. We would understand all loopholes that may give rise to this issue one by one with their potential solutions. you need to call a technician for amazon prime error code 5505.

error code 5505

Amazon hearth television Stick doing work profoundly is dependent upon the online relationship and its particular potency. We ought to think about the troubleshooting together with comprehension the explanation for the mistake. Why Don’t We start one by one?

Causes and Potential Solutions of Error 5505 in Amazon Fire TV Stick

1) When You face irregular or no Internet Connection

The most common reason after many of the problems is the discontinuous speed of Internet or no connection.

Solution- Need to Check the Speed of the Internet

You can easily check the internet connection is working or not. For your Wireless internet, just ensure that it is working in other devices. In the Amazon Fire TV stick, there is a system status apparatus that is very useful to manage all internet related issues and checks the status also. You can do this easily as here-

  • Go to the settings>menu
  • Now Tap on the play and Hold keys on your remote.
  • Here you can check for connectivity problems and for the most and the most probable screen prompted advances would guide you to tackle the issue.

no internet connection

If the speed of the internet connection is slow, please talk to the Internet Service Provider of your home network.

2) Need to Check Wrong Country settings

There could be the possibility that Country Settings of your Amazon Fire TV Stick are wrong.

Solution- If you are encountering Error 5505 on your Fire TV stick; simply guarantee that your Country settings are as per the nation from where you are availing the services. Here are the steps to update the country settings in your device-

  • Firstly Go to the Home and select Settings
  • Now select Open My Account and Go to De-register.
  • Now the next is to pick Return to my Account
  • Here choose Register

Once you have made the settings changed, reboot your device once again to get the things on track.

3) Need to Check Disturbed Display Settings

If the Display settings of your device are disturbed that may lead to Error 5505 or picture related issues.

Solution- modify the Display Settings

For Amazon error code 5505 and picture related issues, if you have checked both the above means, you can change the display settings from the menu in your Fire TV Stick. This explains some video and sound related issues at most of the times with ease and no hassle.

4) Some External Disturbances

At times some signal related issues or some disturbances like the magnetic resonance of some other devices may impede the working of Amazon TV Stick.

Solution- Reboot your Fire TV Stick

reboot fire stick

This is one basic troubleshooting step yet works fundamentally, when you have some Error message like prime video error code 5505, application issue or picture issues, restart your Fire TV Stick. Just unplug the device and switch off the HDTV and after a few minutes restart TV and replug, connect the Internet and try if the things are working normally again. You May also restart your Hearth Television Stay to the Method of One’s Remote by navigating into the preferences subsequently both the devices and re-start out of your Fire Television Adhere menu.

5) Prime Video Application data

In most of the cases when you are watching Amazon Prime Videos on your Prime Video there could be cache data that can hamper the proper streaming on your device.

Solution- Clear the Prime Video Application data

If in the case, the amazon fire stick error code 5505 is appearing while at the same time viewing your Amazon Prime videos in your Amazon Fire TV Stick device, at that point you should know the underlying issue is related to the Prime Video Application data.
You should opt to clear all the application related information from App. Here are the steps to clear cache data easily-

  • Firstly Open the Settings of your device
  • Here choose Manage Installed Applications
  • you should pick to go to Prime Video.
  • Now choose Force Stop and select Clear Data.
  • make clear all information here as given in prompts.

This step measure solves the Error 5505 and other streaming issues while watching Amazon Prime Video.
For a smooth affair while streaming simply ensure that your connectors, wires, and wifi are perfect with the required determinations. In case you still face Error 5505 or any problem proceed to talk to Amazon experts.

Seek Help from Amazon Prime Consumer Support

amazon fire stick help scarcely has any drawn-out glitch issues, the hardware and impeccable technology make these devices smooth to navigate and operate. Yet some connections, gadgets, and underlying related issues can make few hitches all over in any of the devices.

The worry additionally happened with Amazon fire stick and that clarification can be reproduced accordingly moreover. Ensure the settings of the device and comprehensible the amazon prime video error code 5505 app data.

Too obvious the app data go into settings and followed by a click on installed apps. At hand, you can come across the app by the name of the prime video. Immediately snap on it, and afterward snap on clear cache and data on the come up. A punctual will take place and just clack all right on it. If the question still persists, call the Amazon fire stick customer service repair immediately.

The Service can possibly be obtained by means of a way of the call or emails. You May even Prefer to talk reside using the group of pros. Every One of the steps and measures is given at this compose will let you attack the Error 5505 at minimal Tracking attempts. Continue streaming on Amazon fire stick support devices.

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