How Do I Resolve Wii Error Code 51330 and 51030,51331 and 51332

How Do I Resolve Wii Error Code 51330 and 51030,51331 and 51332

Wii Error Code 51330


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Wii was launched way back in 2006 when people were not used to playing video games traditionally. Nintendo is the brain behind this gaming console that further launched a mini model of Wii in 2013. Though, this version does not support Internet connectivity and online features. Sometime you might have facing Wii Error Code 51330 and 51030, 51331, and 51332.

Now, this device is the bestseller and top rating gaming console in the market. Wii boasts to have sold over 90 million gaming consoles by 2012. Wii has popularity ratio of all genders like women and older people, they are called to have enjoyed these games more. Hence Wii has a broader audience in comparison of other consoles.

How to resolve Wii Error Code 51330 and 51030, 51331, and 51332

Reasons for Error 51330

Error code 51330 is generally a generic issue when you have a wrong configuration for security password of your router or for the Mac configuration.

There could be another potential reason for this issue is that your firewall settings or MAC filters may be creating some issues. The router at times is the reason for this.

Symptoms of Wii Error Code 51330

This error code due to the faulty configuration may lead to the malfunctions and creates an issue in Internet connectivity of your console.

Potential Solutions to Wii Error Code 51330

You may need to try a different set of solutions to Wii Error Code 51330 as reasons may vary for different users. Here are some workable options that you may try as here-

1) Try to unplug the router and the modem for the first try that too for about a minute and then replug everything. At times this solves the configuration related issues and gets the things on track once again.

Wii Error Code 51330

2) If you find there could be some security amendments in the encryption of your gaming console, then you must check the online settings of the Wii console and make sure everything is well.

3) If you have entered a wrong WEP or WPA key then you need to be extra cautious to check if you are entering a correct security password.

4) Also, check the router MAC filter address in the allowed list to make it enable to connect to the Internet. or simply disable the AMC filters.

5) Also, try to put the IP address and DNS manually in the Wii settings. It also helps in some of the cases.

6) In case your Firewall settings are causing Wii Error Code 51330, you may go to your firewall program and then disable it. Here you can check again if you are able to connect to internet by doing so.

7) You should also update the firmware of your router to the most updated version in order to overcome connectivity errors.

How do I Fix my wii With The Error Code 51030

Reasons for wii Error Code 51030

Similarly, the Error Code 51030 is also a connectivity issue that is caused by the incompatible configuration of Wi-Fi. Also when the wireless network in your console is not configured properly you are likely to get Error 51030.

Symptoms of wii Error Code 51030

Error 51030 obstructs the internet connectivity of your wireless connection and causes troubles again and again.

Troubleshooting the wii Error Code 51030

1) You have to ensure that the network name (SSID) has the exact match to your Wii gaming console’s settings. This you can also verify by login to your router’s settings.

Simply click on settings and choose your router and see the available information. Here look for the SSID section in the wireless settings, it is typically there.

2) Now after seeing the network name you have to manually check in the Wii console settings that this name looks exactly the same with the routers’ listed one.

You have to take care of the special characters, capital letters, or even spaces should also match here.

These simple ways can get you at par with the Error troubleshooting and handling.

 How do I Fix my wii With The Error Code 51030

If you are stuck with error codes or configuration related issue, you must call the Nintendo Support to get it resolved in real time. Though the methods given above are sure shot to deal with said error codes, yet there are instances where you need advanced technical assistance.

You may get in touch with the Wii Technical Support on email or phone for suggestions and help on many issues apart from the given ones. The comprehensive solution waits just at a phone call away and helps you to reduce a lot of troubleshooting time.

Wii’s Specifications and Advantages

This gaming console has the motion sensor and can detect how you move the device around. For a more precise control, you may need a short cable with some Wii consoles.

This became the unique selling proposition of this device and Nintendo harvested all opportunities by launching a sequel known as Wii Sports resort in 2009. It is a collection of more than 12 more sports game.

Nintendo has also released a workout/fitness game in 2008 that has a lower board to measure a player’s position and weight in a easier way. Wii has also introduced the most famous Mario series in its most recent consoles. There is much such popular back catalog that Nintendo has utilized to become more popular. The only disadvantage you may have that Wii lags in high definition gaming format. The large games look not so impressive like other gaming consoles that are popular in the market.

So far, Wii has gained a largest of consumer database with the collection of a lot of games that are good to enjoy.

Wii has all the technical assistance to make your gaming experience an enjoyable and smooth experience. Yet, there are some errors that have code to be understood and make it feasible to troubleshoot. We have two major and common Error codes mystery solved here. Please follow to know about them.

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There are various specifications of the Wii gaming console that consumers find interesting to invest time and money on it. Wii now has an array of devices under this category to keep its range at par with the unfettered competition. There is no specific disadvantage to think twice to buy this console rather HD clarity issue.

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